Maui has a large number of GREAT snorkeling spots. There are lots of places to rent or buy snorkels, fins and masks. If you buy a new mask, use a bit of toothpaste and rub with water on the inner surface to remove the factory coating.  Doing so will reduce fogging.  Also, get some anti-fog stuff or, in a pinch you can spit into the mask, swish it around with your fingers and then rinse.

You are in seawater which has salt in it.  So you will float very easily.

Here’s how to put on your flippers.  Put on your mask while on the beach or shallow water and stick the snorkel in your mouth. Swim now chest deep water.  Put your had thru the strap of one flipper, so it doesn’t float away. Then reach down and put the other flipper on. If you have your mask on,  your head can go below the water and you can still continue breathing. Repeat for the other foot.  This eliminates the difficulty and funny task of walking with of flippers on.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t turn you back on the ocean or a big wave might come along and whoop you.

If you get caught in a current that is taking you out to sea…you are in a riptide.  Riptides occur on beaches that have a fairly steep drop off and when there is strong wave action.  The waves roll onto the beach and then the water has to go back to the ocean.  Don’t swim directly against it. You should turn and swim parallel to the beach for a couple hundred yards. This will take you out of the riptide. Then, you can turn to swimming back to the beach. Again, don’t find against the current.  Some of the strongest  people in the world have tried and died.

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