Diving and Maui go together like two peas in a pod.  Shore diving and boat diving are available.  Water temperature ranges from  80 degrees F in the summer to 72 degrees in the winter.

Visibility (hundreds of feet) can be great if their has been little runoff from rain for beach dives and if not a lot of sea action for boat dives.

You can see turtles, eels, sea caves, unfriendly fish, coral reefs (don’t touch, it hurts them), and exotic fish.

Do a search for “Maui Scuba or Diving” to find an operator.

Molokini, the partially above water volcano cinder cone (which you can see in the web cam from the Mana Kai) is one of the best dives.  Especially the back side float.

Other great dive places are Makapu Beach, La Perouse Bay, the Kanalo Coast and the island of Lanai.

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