Best Airfares to Maui: How to Find

Hawaiian Airlines

To get the best rate, there are several rate forecasting web sites:

You can also get fare alerts when prices go up or down from this link at YahooI have been told that the best time to buy is Wednesday mornings. This is because the airlines introduce their new fares over the weekend and the beginning of the week.  By Wednesday, things settle down and you can get the best rate! Maui is served by several airlines. The main commercial airport is in Kahului in the central part. Its designation is OGG. In particular:

  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • Continental
  • Harmony Air
  • Northwester
  • Sky Service Canada
  • Ryan International
  • Pleasant Holidays
  • United Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

Pleasant buys blocks of seats from United and resells them. You can use the search on this page to find their official websites.Some places to check for fare deals are:

  • cheapair
  • cheaptickets
  • sidestep
  • flyspy
  • kayak
  • itasoftware

Some people say it is cheaper to buy a ticket from a Hawaii based travel agent. One of those sites is:

  • pandaonline

Their is a small airport on West Maui near Kapalua (JHM). There are flights to it from Honolulu. There is also a general aviation airport in Hana (HNM).

8 thoughts on “Best Airfares to Maui: How to Find

  1. Hawaiian usually has lower prices on their own site, than they list on 3rd party sites.

    Check out Hawaiians Website for low prices.

    as of 12:45 Hawaiian time June 21, 2008, there is a 209+ taxes fare from
    PDX to OGG
    OGG -SAN the nonstops
    and those fares run from early to mid July.

  2. At are detailed from for go to my

    Finding The Best Air Fair Deal From San Francisco To Maui
    Wanted to go November 30 and return December 13, 2008
    Wanted to use a United Airlines frequent flyer miles and fly nonstop
    United Airlines has nonstop flights from San Francisco direct to Maui. Cost $671 round-trip per person shows prices more than that. Not clear who else flies direct.
    Tried to book, but only Saver plan which uses 35,000 miles. Was available San Francisco to Maui and standard plan for return 70,000 miles to come back at 2:00 PM or do the redeye for 35K miles. Note: flights must be booked at least 21 days prior to departure or there is a $75 booking charge. Telephone agents have no more flexibility than being able to make the reservation than on the web at
    Hawaiian Airlines has $240 one-way tickets flying out of San Jose or Oakland, but would have to stop and change planes in Honolulu. It adds several hours to the trip, and if there’s any delay, it could be a very long trip. offers $305 each way but can’t guarantee flights until less than 7 days from departure.
    Solution: Pleasant Hawaiian Airlines offers $450 round-trip. They book block seats on United and flights leave during the day to and from Maui. Required to get a rent a car for at least three days, but you do not need to pick it up.

  3. Air Travel Tip

    The best price I could get for an early December trip out of the San Francisco area was $679 from United: SFO to OGG. Hawaiian was offering $450 with a plane change over from San Jose or Oakland through Honolulu to Maui. Meanwhile I was able to get on the same United flight by buying a Pleasant Holidays ticket for $450 including a car. Since I got Mia the Miata retired to Maui, I didn’t bother to pick up the car. Pleasant, as you may know, buys block seats from United and resells them. Airtech then resells some seats for last minute travel.

  4. Kayak is a good resource, but remember that not all websites search the same airlines, and not all aggregators search the same websites. Watch for sale fares from the airlines; you can sign up for the newsletters from your favorites and have them delivered right to your inbox.

  5. Hawaiian Airlines has started its twice-weekly, nonstop service between Maui and Las Vegas in October, 2010

    Hawaiian Airlines is servicing the route with 264-seat Boeing 767-300 aircraft, according to a prepared statement. The flights depart from Kahului Airport on Mondays and Thursdays at 8 a.m. and arrive at McCarran International Airport at 4:35 p.m. Return flights to Maui depart from Las Vegas on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:25 p.m. and arrive in Kahului at 9:25 p.m

  6. Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines have signed a codeshare agreement that allows Delta passengers more access and connections to flights in Hawaii.

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