Automotive Car Rentals

A car can be rented at the Kahalui Airport and in some of the towns around the island of Maui.

My favorite is Kihei Rent A car.  See: 

Or call them at (800) 251-5288.  They pick you up in their van from the airport and transport you to their office in N. Kihei, which is pretty much on the way to West Maui and is definitely on the way to accommodation’s in S. Maui.

Side Note:  I was on my way to give a speech in Palm Springs in November, 2005 and used my company’s bank “debit” card.  Budget Car Rentals ran the card and then refused to rent to me.  When you rent from Budget, Avis, Hertz…most of them except Enterprise, with a “debit” card that even says “Visa” on it, these rental car companies will run a automatic credit check and “reserve” a line of credit against the card.  In this case, the reserve was about $500, (but since we kept most of our money in a savings account that was linked to checking account for automatic transfer in the situation where there is not enough cash in the checking account}, only about $300 was in checking.  The full rental was going to be about $65 for a day or so.

The result, the card got frozen and none of the other rental companies, other than Enterprise would even allow me to use another credit card for 24 hours.  Budget handed me a piece of paper saying to call the credit agency (I don’t recall if it was Experian, or Trans Union or what) about it.  While  driving to Palm Sprints I tried to talk to  someone for an hour and a half, with no luck being able to speak to anyone to fix the problem.

The kicker?  My FICA score went down because I was using the debit card to pay for multiple car rentals over the past year.  Imagine that.  One uses a debit card which means you are paying CASH, and your credit worthiness goes down and you could be stranded for 24 hours.  And now you know, too.

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