Road To Hana

For example, the Road to Hana. Check the weather first unless you love the rain. You see Hana is located on the north east part of Maui. The prevailing trade winds blow from the north east and rise as they are pushed up the volcano. As the air rises, it cools on average 3.5 degrees F. At some elevation on the mountain, the temperature matches the dew point and the moisture in the air becomes visible. If there is a little moisture, it becomes fog and you won’t be able to see much. More moisture and you get rain and might see even less.

It rains on the north east side nearly every night. So check the weather and enjoy a bright sunny drive.

Click here to get the National Weather Service forecast

Here are some pictures I have taken on the drive from Piaa to Hana, pools of the seven sisters, Charles Lindbergh grave site and returning on the desert south side of Haleakala.

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