Mia's Maui Adventures

Welcome to Mia Miata’s Maui Adventures


My name is Mia. As in Mazda Miata. But just Mia for short. At least that is what my friends call me. My enemies use 4 letter words especially when I cut them off in traffic. But that doesn’t happen any more. You see, I have retired to Maui and this weblog is the stories of my Maui adventures.

I’ll post stories and pictures here as I cruise the roads and byways (they don’t have any highways here). And if you want, feel free to tell me where you would like me to go. Just add a comment to this blog. I’ll check it out and give you a review PLUS a picture of me there!

But first, let me tell you my story of how I got here.

I was born in September, 1989 in Japan as one of the first, original and my owner says the best Mazda Miata. I was detailed out to look exactly like the original design with red stripped seats, black trim all around and I have had a lot of little extras added.

Then in 1991 I started my famed racing career in SCCA Solo One competitions. I won all of my events! If I can talk my owner into it, maybe he will post some of my baby pictures. I only wish I had some other cars in my class competing against me…it would have been even more fun to come in first by actually beating someone! But no other cars like the Toyatas, at the time could keep up. I had a roll bar then and boy that impress the other lady’s and drew lots of stares. I was the photographic platform for the world famous Sears Point Raceway training tape entitled “The Qualifying Line at Sears Point”. The tape was and may still be sold at the track. Many a NASCAR driver who had never driven the track, bought my training tape and stayed up all night watching me go around and around and around. I think I trained more NASCAR drivers that any other car around!

Then in 2001 my owner bought a condo at the Mana Kai Maui (see www.mauimanakai.com) and promised he would let me retire there. But I got sick, real sick. My engine failed and I needed a whole transplant. In 2006, enough funds were scrapped up and Nick Theorou my owner’s racing instructor and Honda mechanic superstar in San Mateo performed the replacement engine technique. So I now have about 180,000 on my frame, but just about 95,000 mile on my engine.

In late September I was taken to the Matson lines in Richmond, California for a several day cruise to Hawaii! I was scared that I might get seasick or even drown! But Matson took real care of me and I arrived early!

Here is a picture of me at the dock in Kahalui in front of one of the passenger cruise ships. I plan to come back to the dock frequently starting in the summer of 2007 when the Hawaii Super Ferry starts service. Then I can go to all the other islands. So be sure to write and tell me where to go!

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