Lanai And Molokai Golf Courses

There are two fantastic course on Lanai and at least one on Molokai.

Search for “Lanai Golf” and “Molokai Golf” or go to the Maui Visitor’s Bureau for more info.

You can take the ferry from Lahaina to either Island. For Lanai, the Challenge at Manele is almost in walking distance up a fairly steep hill. It is located next to the hotel that Bill Gates the founder and former president of Microsoft got married or as they call it “Mauied”. So while you are there, you might able to find out why we spend most of our working lives rebooting Microsoft Windows?

For the “Experience at Koele”, you can take a taxi, rent a car, or take the bus. This course is co-located with and English type Tudor lodge that is fun to visit and have a meal at too.

Do a “Web Search” (upper right corner of this page) for the “official” golf course web site to get the latest green fees and possibly a web interface to reserve a tee-off time.
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