Shirts, Hawaiian or Aloha

Everybody loves the Hawaiian Shirt or what it is officially called:  The “Aloha Shirt”.  It reminds those that wear it and those that know about it of the wonderful sunsets, the glimmering blue Pacific Ocean and the feel of Hawaii.  

For proper wearing the shirt is not tucked in.

The first shirts appeared in the 1920’s and were made of coconut husks.  Just kidding.  They were made from exotic and colorful fabrics from the far east.   Artists of the area expressed in the designs and shirt styles the beauty and lifestyles of Hawaii.  

The “Aloha Shirt” was trademarked by Ellery Chun the owner of the King-Smith dry goods story in 1936.

The missionaries did their best to get the natives to stop running around naked.  Maybe their descendants encouraged the Aloha Shirt thinking people would prefer wearing a beautiful shirt than being naked? Nevertheless, the workman’s shirt obtained owners from around the world.

In the ’20s and ’30s tourists started a fad and rayon which is silkier than silk but cheap and the shirts became a work of art.

The hundreds of thousands of soldiers that passed thru Hawaii during World War II wanted the shirt that reminded them of paradise.  Hawaii became a state and Aloha shirts a craze.

Hollywood then found the shirt: Elvis, Montgomery Clift, John Wayne, Don Ho, and not to mention Jack Lord and Tom Selleck all proving that non-native naked people can wear the Aloha Shirt.

If they can, so should you! 

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