Horseback Riding

Horses, Maui and cattle go way back to the 1800’s. In fact one of Maui’s own won the top cowboy award of the year around 1900. Some cowboys came from Mexico with a Spanish influence so they brought along their guitars and folk singing. I think they didn’t know how to tune their guitars thus inventing the “slack key” guitar style. But they kept at it, that is riding horses, playing guitars such that the Grammys now have a Hawaiian Music Category. But what does that have to do with horseback riding you ask? Nothing. I just wanted to tell you about Hawaiian music.

Horseback riding tours are available on the Piiholo Cattle Ranch owned by the 6th generation Baldwin family. They have established a state bird preserve and nursery for nenes. Is that where Robin Williams got NaNu NaNu from?

Search for Piiholo Ranch located in Upcountry outside of Makawao.

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