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  1. Aloha David,
    Thanks for the webcam. It’s great! We were able to wave to family in Florida. Plus, I go to
    the webcam every so
    often just to relive vacation. We stayed at Mana Kai last year and loved it, but didn’t this time
    because of

  2. Cam is locked on wall/railing. No other information is available for view. Any way to lock the cam inside a tamper proof housing and still keep it clean?

  3. AAAHH…Almost like being back to my fav beach when I tune in to the webcam…. except for the pervs who were watching the little girl Sat nite when I tuned in. (8:17pm CA time)

  4. I’m in Maui right now and will be here thru Dec 4th. The pool renovation is nearing completion. They think they will be all done by Dec 7. Sorry, no hot tub! I wish there was one.

    They have extended the Italian tile from the new lobby to go all around the building and pool patio area. The pool itself has just the steps to go with new, dark blue tiles. The water feature has been replaced with a new water feature which extends the design of the new entrance and is spectacular. I’ll post some pictures.

    Island Design has done a fantastic job of understanding the building and location. Mana means “spirt”. Kai means “ocean”. The location is one of those places in Hawaii where if you did bad, and could get to, you were left alone and forgiven.

    The vertical colors are of the wet sand from the beach. The horizontal colors, a light blue/lime green is from the tidal pools right in front of the building. As you enter the building, the lobby is like being underwater with the furniture representing underwater features. You can see pictures at

    Meanwhile, over 40 of the 98 rooms are undergoing up to $110K in renovations bringing them up to the renovations I did on #215 in 2001, so you can expect rates to be raised next year. And I have to add more features to be even better. So far I’ve replaced the kitchen cabinate doors with environmenaly friendly bamboo. I’ll be upgrading the shower heads this week to improve that experience. We are off today looking for luggage racks. new gift baskets and new bedspreads, suggestions of previous guest.

    This brings to a close over $10 million in renovations over the past 3 years. It makes what was one of the best locations in Hawaii even better! I know, I have been looking all over Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island. I can’t find a place that is this close to the water so you can hear the ocean as you fall asleep and walk on the softest sand for 1.5 miles.

    Hope you can come soon! I have openings from Dec 9-23 and has some incredible short booking deals to Maui.

    PS. The Wifi antenna that has been interfering with our use of the camera, has now been bolted into the ceiling and all of the power equipment has been lodged inside the side table to reduce interference from getting bumped. This should increase webcam availability. I hope or I will figure something else out!

    And yes, I should mention the beach. The eye hook is buried and the beach is a big as I have ever remember it since 2000 proving the Hawaiian’s right again. The Gods took the sand out to sea to wash it and brought it back!

    Aloha and enjoy! And remember, unlike someone staring at you…if you don’t like what the webcam is looking at, feel free to use the motion controls and point the camera at something else.

  5. Aloha David —

    My family stayed at Mana Kai last week and really enjoys looking through the camera to re-live wonderful memories. Mahalo for providing this service.

  6. Being that its winter and freezing in Upper Michigan its nice to view your webcam daily to see that sunny,beautiful days really do exist and its not just my imagination,would love to be there,instead instead of freezing here.

  7. As I sit and look out my window at what is going to be a fifteen inch snowfall and blizzard conditions over the next two days all I can say is thanks again for your webcam,it is nice to view happy go lucky folks enjoying themselves without snow shovels.

  8. Dave,

    I don’t know who you are, but I want you to know your web cam has been one of my day’s highlights! It isn’t currently working and I am worried it might go away. It is the best in the world. I’ve checked out many all around the world. I have a special connection to memories in Hawaii and feel the web cam brings me back. My brother and sister- in-law have stayed at a condo there every year since 1986. They are hooked on the site too. Please let me know if…NO…not if….when the site will be back up and running.


  9. I wish whoever’s operating the webcam would refrain from focusing in on scantily clad women. Surely you offer more interesting sights than that. Otherwise, it’s a great web site.

  10. Would love to see the beach but at least one viewer seems to be overly focused on a couple of young ladies lounging in their swimsuits. Go get a Playboy or something. Jeez.

  11. always hard for me to choose between mountain streems and beaches (living just down the road from Yosemite Natnl. park) but I do so miss the beach at times! thanks for the site & feeling a bit closer to one of my luvs ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I just wanted to tell you that I love this webcam and hope that when we go to Maui to visit that we can stand in the yard and hold a sign to say hi to everyone back home.

    Also, there is something right now obstucting the view of the beautiful property. Thanks.

  13. Aloha David. I live across the street from you at Kilohana Ridge and I love your webcam. So cool how you let visitors control it! Our neighbors (who own Island Design Center) did the remodel job at the Mana Kai a couple of years ago, and I really like the way it turned out. We hang out at the Five Palm bar now and then, and Keawakapu beach almost every weekend. We noticed several weeks ago that all the furniture appeared to be on the lanai’s for a few days. Did all the condos get remodeled as well?

    Thanks for the cool cam David. I always tell my friends on the mainland to check it out if they want to see where abouts we live.


  14. Our son lives on Maui and we have stayed at this hotel several times. Everytime I get homesick for our son (we live in Park City, UT) I pull up your site and see the temp and time and beautiful picture and picture our son and feel so much better. Thank you for the time you put into doing this.

  15. I love the webcam but you have move it so now there is a big pillar in the middle of the view. Also seems that controls are locked. I am sure that the view was changed so that the shower area is now blocked. Seems like many people liked to view the shower to try to catch a shot of some goodlooking girl. I however just like looking at the beach area. Thanks but it is not as good as it used to be before the move of the camera.

  16. Aloha Dave,

    The webcam is absolutely awesome!!

    My ex-wife who is now my future wife (long story) are coming to Maui to get re-married and staying there in October.

    We will have about 40 people with us.

    We cant wait. We have been to Maui a few times, but always stayed up around Kahana. We always looked forward to staying in Kihei or Wailea.

    Mahalo and many thanks in advanced.

  17. I am from Portland, Oregon, and we have been visiting the Mana Kai every year for six years running. The view-to-price ratio is the best in Hawaii! We were just there Nov. 11-17, 2008 and stayed in 709A.

    On Nov. 14 there were 15 foot waves! Too big for boogie boarding. Never seen such waves before on that beach! Back to the usual 3 foot waves the next day.

    Spotted an octopus (about 2 ft. long) while snorkeling over the rocks right in front of the Mana Kai. Also 5 cuttlefish. Wonder why it’s such a good spot for cephalopods? Didn’t see the resident turtles this time.

    Thanks for the excellent webcam so I can check up on my favorite beach!

    P.S. I bet you have WiFi. Can you send me the login for the next time we’re there?

  18. The full motion link doesn’t seem to be working. I was looking forward to seeing the family members that are currently over there soaking up the Maui sunshine!

  19. As I sit here this watching the snow fall outside my window, I am totally enjoying watching your webcam at the Mana Kai Maui. My husband and I will be there one month today and I can hardly wait! Not sure which condo we will be in but it probably doesn’t matter — we just know we’ll love strolling along the beach, enjoying the water and the scenery. It will be our first time in Hawaii.

  20. Did I see whales today? Cool. My wife and I stayed at Maui Mana Kai several years ago and I spotted the cam. Nice to relive the vacation. Thanks.

  21. Hi! Ive seen some beautifull images and sunsets on your cam . Seems the pan and tilt feautures have diminished over the last 2 yrs. I would love to see this cam reset to its original pan and tilt settings. Thanks !

  22. David – Mahalo for the web cam. Lovely to get a glimpse of paradise and plan our next getaway. Problem: any way to keep controls from perverts zooming in on everything female? So creepy! Just want to see the grass, palms, and waves without the hideous and instant slimy zoom on any bikinis, including children.
    Half of us would appreciate it.

  23. Dave

    Still lovin the cam. As already stated but it remains THE BEST cam on the Net. We’re planning a return visit to the Islands next summer and since our last visit 3 yr ago, we use the cam at least weekly (usually every few days) to check the weather, crowds, foliage etc in order to pick the best most affordable time to visit.

    Just wish some of the guests would read the sign about the sliding balcony door!! ๐Ÿ™

    Keep the channel open :).

  24. Love this WebCam. Brings a little bit of Paradise into my office Cube. What’s with the Window Frame in the center of the Picture as of late?

  25. Paddled into the little bay there early this morning. One of my favorite spots. Tended bar both at the Outrigger and at the Mana Kai back in the 70’s/80’s. Lucky for me you didn’t have a webcam back then!!!

  26. Aloha, David:

    The cam is better than ever today. Is it a new camera…high def? The range is outstanding as well. First time we’ve been able to see the renovations in the pool area. You must either be there or have just been there to tune things up so well. Mahalo!

  27. There are those who appreciate females and then there are those who are females. I am happy to be in the former category.

    That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with being the latter, I’m sure it is quite wonderful! You should acknowledge, however, that the very activity you complain about proves that although you may represent half (or even more than half!) the population, you are clearly in the minority among the viewers of the webcam!

    Do some people take it too far? Absolutely! But what can you see through the webcam that you couldn’t see if you were actually there?

    There are plenty of webcams without zoom that you can look at, if you don’t like what you see here, go watch one of them!

  28. I came on and saw a shot from a higher condo shooting a picture down the beach to the south, showing the sarento’s and maui ocean front. I like it .
    Wondering if you that one would could be put up more often?


  29. Ohhh, David:

    The new view is marvelous. So much more beach is visible now (except that at the moment, the server is down). Kudos on really bringing the Island atmosphere into our homes.

  30. Not sure why, but when I use guest1 as user name, and mauimanakaii as password, it is not accepting it, (even tried to copy/paste) The box keeps coming back asking for user name password. Any suggestions???

  31. Well, maybe that was premature. Haven’t been able to access the server for several days. Do we need to re-join or is there a technical problem we need to wait out?

    Hope things are worked out soon.

    • Road Runner service went down to the entire Mana Kai building on Oct 10th. I spent 3 hours on the phone with them and partial service was restored on Thursday, Oct 15, 2009

  32. Thanks for the webcam. We’re able to share it with our friends around the world. We’re up on Keonekai Rd. Can you move the webcam to the left a bit so we can see more of the beach? Much Mahalo.

  33. My folks are staying at the Mana Kai. They were woken up this morning at about 5:15 local time and told to evacuate. They are currently at the ‘Safeway eating muffins’. Thanks for the camera. I’ll be able to report to them from Colorado.

  34. Here in northern Maine on the border with Canada doing work for border patrol. Nice job running this site, looks so lovely there!!! Keep up the great work and thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Mahalo for sharing your beach cam with all of us! Your cam is by far the BEST beach cam I’ve seen yet!!

    I can imagine what the view is like in real life sitting there….my goodness! What an amazing view!!!

    Aloha and Mahalo!!!

  36. 3 problems. 1. Firefox has will not let me set the left and right ranges. That had me baffled. Perhaps when I set the password back in Firefox, that didn’t work either. But Safari works fine. 2. Current guests keep crawling behind the curtain and turn the camera. 3. CNN picked up the feed and thousands are watching so my control is very slow….

    Its working now!

  37. We have stayed at the Mana Kai in Jan/Feb in 2009 and 2010. We love the web cam: it keeps memories alive, especially since we live in Edmonton, where the palm trees don’t wave.

  38. Despite being told I’ve tried to limit the viewing to public place, guests decided to unplug my network with out asking. Additionally they refuse to answer phone or door. Worst case my view will return next Monday when I am there. .

  39. Just figured that all the tsunami viewing traffic overloaded the server.
    Any way you can “padlock” the hardware? What inconsiderate “)(&(*&*$” messes with other peoples equipment? Hope the security deposit was not refunded!

  40. I’m sorry but this is getting ridiculous! I come to this site often…varying from once every couple days to several times a day…and it’s CONSTANTLY zoomed on women or certain parts of their anatomy! I come to the site to see the scenery and people having fun because it’s my HUGE desire to visit Maui soon. But the camera is zoomed so closely that you can barely see the sand around them…or it’s zoomed on the 3 certains parts of their anatomy. Plus, it’s been zoomed on little girls A LOT! I’m not exaggerating…it’s zoomed on females 75% of the times I visit (which is often).I DON’T CARE that we could see the same thing if we were at that beach…because if we saw a pathetic pervert staring at women and little girls while at the beach…we’d say something. It’s getting to the point that I don’t enjoy the site anymore cause it’s turning into free soft porn for losers…and not a way to enjoy BEAUTIFUL Maui!

  41. Looks like control has been cut again. ๐Ÿ™

    I wonder if it was because people kept looking at the balcony. If you zoom 4 steps the balcony is not visible, an people on it aren’t visible unless they stick their hands, heads or other body parts in front of the camera.

    Perhaps a minimum zoom of 4X would prevent this from happening in the future? Anyway, that’s my suggestion.

  42. I will be visiting the Mana Kai next month. Everytime I look at this website it shows zooming in on women. Its ridiculous and scarey that people are using it for this purpose. Im hoping this is not the case while Im on vacation. It is very sad that it can be used for this when its purpose is to view the beauty of Maui. Is there not a way to prevent this?

  43. The cam recenters to a home position every 30 secs. So if someone if so rude as to want to stare…They have to work real hard to do it.

    You can also take control of the cam and move it yourself.

    70% of the viewers are women. Which surprised me too!

    Once it was focused on an infant. People cried issues. Turned out it was the grandparents.

  44. Not to worry about focusing on anything anymore. The camera can now cause motion sickness. This was a very nice site until camera control wars. Some like the scenery, some like the girls/guys, when whale season is around, I like to get that lucky shot of a whale breach in the background…this is what people do when they’re at the beach…all the above…can’t we all just get along?

  45. Love your live look at Maui: my husband and I go to your website often.Its our “happy place” especially since we stayed at the Mana Kai on our most recent visit to Maui. However, we are distressed, disturbed and disgusted by the people who focus on the shower all the time. Can you limit the camera’s range to exclude that area? Tired of fighting over the remote with perverts! Thanks.

  46. The webcam seems to have been disabled (remote control, at least). The static position pretty much shows only wall and a few leaves–no beach nor ocean.

  47. I have noticed the same issues that a previous commenter has regarding the camera being constantly being focused on female anatomical parts. I have also noticed since I have been monitoring the page, a huge increase in following young girls. I have on numerous occasions logged in to view the scene I and my family enjoyed in late April only to see the image of small girls filling the screen.

    I am not opposed to the camera, but i am opposed to it being used for someones sexual fantasy. I shutter to think that only a few months ago, my little girl was parading along the sand in front of this camera and some creep could have been getting his jollies off.

    I would not be opposed to locking the camera so it couldn’t be focused on people, rather keep it focused on the natural beauty that we came to enjoy while there.

    Heck – you could just change the password and not republish it….just a thought.

    • The camera is programed to zoom out and center every 30 seconds. So if someone is a voyure, they have to work real hard at it. Frequently I’ve gotten emails from folks that say they were looking at their friend, relative or grand child. Plus, 80% of the emails I get about the webcam is from females. Might they be looking at bathing suits.

      Their could be dozens of people lurking on the 98 lanais at the Mana Kai Maui ( using binoculars or telephone lenses to gawk at “blond whales”.

      When I was working for Apple a few years ago, I had to go to Paris for some management meetings. I recall that all the cafes had stadium style seating facing the sidewalk so folks could “people watch”. Never saw that before in US cities and have been to most of them. Does that mean all French men are perverts?

      Let me think about that….yep!

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