Web Cam Status

As I notice changes to the camera status at Maui Mana Kai, I will post updates here.

11 thoughts on “Web Cam Status

  1. Camera is stuck. I have rebooted it remotely and it remains stuck. At this point I don’t know if the problem is physical, mechanical or software but will be working on it with Brent today.

  2. It was a physical problem. The WiFi flat panel antenna flopped down on the camera and limited its movement. Brent fixed it. Now you can enjoy the rain showers!

  3. It appears the WiFi antenna has slipped again and is stopping the camera from turning. Brent is going to try to swing by this morning before he leaves town. Worst case, I will be there on Saturday and will fix the problem permanently. It seems that the folks who cleaned the curtains last month broke the restraining straps thus allowing the antenna to physically interfere. Meanwhile enjoy the clean curtains and outside wall.

  4. As you have no doubt seen, we have a new WebCam view from a room higher up and at the other end of the Mana Kai building. The owners of this view have asked me to turn the zoom function off.

    Meanwhile, the second camera is currently on its way to Georgia to get its firmware flashed, and as soon as I get it back in a few weeks, the view from Maui Mana Kai number 215 will return.

    This will give me the opportunity to give you both views plus a streaming video view.

    Any suggestions on how I should set up the web pages to handle this?

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