Maui Vacation Rental with Office Space

If you go to Maui and have to work, then you must know how to set up your beach office.

Dean Takahashi did a piece about working at the beach which appeared on the San Jose Mercury News Business section front page on Labor Day 2007. It quotes me as the expert near the end of the piece. Since then the story has been syndicated to multiple papers including Pennsylvania and Florida. Here is a link to the article:

Thanks for the very helpful instructions, particularly on avoiding the dreaded chair sinkage. Loved it!


Great – funny and serious video, enjoyed it. Loved the music at the end.

Love it!!! Can’t wait to get to work!

Hey Dave, that was very cool! Nice job!

Oh, life is hard for the beach office worker. No water cooler to stand around. No phone ringing every 3.5 seconds. No one taking up collections for anyone’s going away gift. No corporate backstabbing to (a) avoid, (b) observe, or (c) instigate.

That’s funny!

Very nice dave. I am jealous.


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  1. Love this…I plan to use it at various office locations around the globe someday! Your practical application is great, though I’m sure rents vary with location of the office environment and space required. Can you use bamboo or palm branches to divide cubicles? 🙂

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