About Maui Activities

So you are on Maui or heading there and you would like to know what activities are available?

Then you are in the right place!

Maui Activities has been created by people who have done the activities and will give you their views of what is good and not so good.

Also, don’t ignore the advertisements on each activity page. Using the power of the Internet these Google, Yahoo and other ads should match up to what you are looking to do. That is if the activity providers are using the Internet!

We did Maui Activities to replace the tons of paper activity brochures, magazines and flyers populating the Maui Airport (OGG) baggage claim area and virtually every counter and street corner.In addition to helping save lots of trees, Maui Activities hopes to help you save a lot of time finding your dream Maui Activities. And you can help too by posting your experiences and pictures.

Mahalo and Aloha!

PS. Maui Activities is brought to you by Maui Mana Kai #215. So if you need a place to stay while doing your Maui Activities…go here to to check availability. If #215 is not available, we have access to the availability schedules of most of the other available Mana Kai Maui rentals.

6 thoughts on “About Maui Activities

  1. You make a great point about trying the activities before referring tourists. We assist buyers in renting their condos after they’ve bought them and they find it very difficult to give their guests ideas for what to do when they visit the island. It is very confusing when you look at all of the brochures in the kiosks. We’ll let our buyers know that you are available to help them.

  2. I love it! The more opportunities for visitors to review and research activities online before visiting Maui, the less trees we kill and landfills we fill. Maui struggles with massive waste due to the many tourist magazines available on the island. It’s websites like this one that are helping curb needless waste and keeping our island “Green!”

    Mahalo for sharing this information. I certainly will be suggesting that my visitors review this site for their activity information.

  3. Lahaina News Feb 19


    West Maui, with its opulent beauty, is a vacationer’s paradise – except, unfortunately, for the predatory pricing of Lahaina and Kaanapali restaurants and activities.

    Charging “boom time” prices during a recession seems like arrogance, and will turn out to be counterproductive, as economy-challenged visitors trying to save their last pennies will depart with empty pockets and negative, resentful feelings.

    As restaurateurs know (or should have learned), satisfied customers tell six persons. Dissatisfied customers – ones who have been taken advantage of – tell 20 persons.

    The shortsighted “boom time” pricing strategy during this recession will likely prevent sustained growth in the West Maui vacation economy for the next two years.

    MILAN MORAVEC, Lahaina

    • There are generally two typed of vacation travelers. One type is is search of luxury/quality. The other is price conscious. Restaurants try to appeal to one or the other. It is hard to do both.

  4. Whether you choose luxury or budget while you’re in Maui, getting there should be pretty easy on your wallet. Many airlines are offering great sales on airfare to Hawaii, so now is a great time to go.

  5. Readers of Conde Naste Magazine has also named Maui the BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD for the 15th straight time. Some travelers are concerned only about price. Others want quality.

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